Asset Management

Our Asset Management services aim to provide comprehensive oversight and representation to owners and investors of branded and independently managed Hotels. As Hotel Asset Managers we work as our client's representatives to ensure that their ownership interests and investments are well managed and provide expected returns.

For branded hotels, through Operating and Financial performance reviews we closely monitor profitability and asset value optimization. For independently managed hotels, we work along with the owners to evaluate and identify revenue and profitability concerns and priorities to ensure Operations remain flexible and responsive to market conditions to maximize owners' return.

Revenue Generation And Costs

  • Through proactive business planning ensure that revenues and cost structures are in line with established benchmarks.
  • Have a clear view on core vs. non-core area of operation.
  • Convert a large portion of the business support cost to variable cost.

Business Processes

  • Ensure that processes within each property and within each department are structured appropriately.
  • Evaluate the option of outsourcing, central purchasing and shared services to improve margins and return on investment.

Expansion And Growth

  • Ensure that the company is 'expansion ready' operationally.
  • Implementation of business processes and documentation of operating procedures to ensure expansion into growing markets and geographies.

Vision And Strategy

  • Have consistent and standard view of operational trends and improvement potential across functions and departments.
  • Sell the right product, to the right customer, at the right price, and at the right time.