Consulting & Valuations

At Prognosis we adopt a 360° - market assessment approach to evaluate the best development and investment opportunities for our Clients. Our project reports are fully compliant with financial validation requirements of various banks, institutional investors and private equity funds.

Through in-depth market research data and performance trend assessment, coupled with the use of our proprietary financial models and viability reports, we assist our Clients in determining the feasibility of the project, and finalize the positioning, facilities, size and scale of their planned developments.

Site Validation & Concept Review

Through a comprehensive review process, undertake extensive site surveys to evaluate the highest and best use of the land and its suitability for the type of hotel development.

Demand & Supply Analysis

Comprehensive market area analysis, review of commercial developments, demand drivers, travel growth trends and forecasted demand-supply scenario prevailing in the market place

Hotel Design and Development

Appraisal of hotel designs and facilities plan to ensure that the project planning, construction delivery and project cost structures are in line with industry benchmarks and projects are geared for completion on-time and on-cost

Hotel Branding

Establishment of ideal brand platforms and services delivery framework to ensure efficient roll-out of planned hotels and achieving optimal performance and returns from the asset.

Hotel Revenues & Cost Analysis

Present revenue and cost performance estimates based on Uniform System of Accounts for Hotels to include all departmental revenue and cost centers.

Hotel Project Cost & ROI Analysis

Detailed financial validation, hotel project cost estimates, Project IRR and ROI analysis to enable our client to determine the feasibility of the project and finalize the positioning, facilities, size and scale of development.