Hotel Operations Advisory

At Prognosis our strategic objective is to assist our clients drive

  • Incremental Revenue Generation
  • Improved Profitability
  • Increased Market Penetration
  • Optimum Operating Systems & Processes
  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty

by selling the right product, to the right consumer, in the right market, at the right price.

Using our 6Ps approach, global best practices and brand philosophy imperatives we provide complete solutions in developing and creating signature brand experiences and operational standards for hotels.


How and where should the hotels be positioned in the market?

What is the Competition and how is the hotel positioned in the competitive landscape?


What are the various guest facilities and services to be adopted to operate effectively within the market?

What is the guest services and operations philosophy for the hotel?


What should be the price positioning for the hotel?

How does the stay and demand structure vary across different demand seasons and market segments?


Who are you specifically targeting and what do you do for them to position yourself clearly in the market? How will you differentiate yourself and offer tailored facilities and services to the identified target group?


Who are the hotels key patrons?

How does the customer composition vary based on various product types in the market?

What is the client composition and demand demographics?


What is the development strategy and optimum operating model for the hotel?
What are the various unique growth opportunities in the markets?